Nala was brought into my care at only four weeks old, despite her being too young for adoption. Her name was inspired by the famed lioness from The Lion King. Raising her proved to be a considerable challenge. I was entirely new to puppy parenting, particularly with a dog so young. Though sweet, Nala demonstrated some aggression with other dogs and women. This behavior was likely the result of her early development. Nala is not aggressive towards my other pets or me. With time and effort, her aggression has vastly improved in recent years. These days, Nala enjoys various hobbies such as sleeping, eating, walking, and playing with toys. She adores sunbathing outdoors on warm days. Nala eagerly eats her dog food and toys, making sure that none of them last long in the house. Though she doesn’t get to go on walks daily, when she hears the word “walk,” she bolts to the door. As for toys, Nala often hogs them from Ghost, leaving my other dog with whatever scraps are left over.

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