I rescued Ghost on May 7th in 2021 when he was 2 years old. Ghost is a rescue dog who was considered a Covid puppy. People would buy pets with their covid stimulus checks. Later they would abandon them because they went back to work or didn’t know how to raise a puppy. We believe his previous owners used their Covid-19 stimulus check to purchase him as a puppy. Ghost’s parents were a mix of American Eskimo and Husky, and their puppies can cost between $500-$1,200. Both of these breeds are known for being intelligent, vocal, and talkative. Ghost exhibits all these traits. Unfortunately, in his short life of just 2 years, Ghost was abandoned four times before I saved him. He was found on the street three times and surrendered by one owner. Although Ghost can be very vocal and bark quite often, I love him to death. He is a sweet and special dog, and I promised to make him a part of my family. Ghost is now four years old and I still treasure him as my beloved companion.

Ghost and Nala are both dogs, while Journey is a cat. Ghost’s favorite hobby is playing with me and Nala. Although he tries to play with Journey, she is not interested. Generally, cats are not inclined to play with dogs.


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