Journey is my 15-year-old cat. I started taking care of her when she was only 9 months old. My father rescued her because her previous owner had to move into a hotel and couldn’t keep her anymore. The previous owner walked a long way, seven miles there and seven miles back, just to get a kitten and make his children happy. That’s why they named her Journey, because of the 14 mile walk was a big adventure. Even though pets weren’t allowed in the hotel, he hid Journey in the bathroom for seven months. She didn’t have a litter box, so it caused some problems as she grew up. She even used the bathtub as her litter box for a while. But now, Journey is living her best life. She spends her days sleeping, eating, and cuddling up wherever my dogs let her. Right now, she’s laying right next to me while I write these articles and get inspired.

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